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Connecting Your Chakras Using Reiki


Interfacing the Chakras

With Reiki 1, understudies concentrate on mending one chakra at once. As you acquire affectability to vitality, you can start a more mind boggling recuperating design. Figure out which chakras should be stimulated by filtering (see article on checking the atmosphere) or utilizing a pendulum (see my site). Place one hand on the powerless chakra and put your other hand on the chakra above it for 1 to 3 minutes. This shares vitality from a more grounded chakra to raise the vitality of the weaker one. Keep your hand on the powerless chakra while moving the other hand up one more chakra until the vitality settles. Do this for each chakra over, the distance to the crown.

Continue to interface the feeble chakra to the greater part of the chakras beneath it. Keep one hand on the feeble chakra and spot your other hand on each of the chakras beneath until all the chakras have been associated with the frail one. To compress the method, survey this case for interfacing the heart chakra to the upper chakras.

Left hand on heart, right hand above throat

Left hand on heart, right hand on temples

Left hand on heart, right hand on crown

Presently, associate the heart chakra with the lower chakras.

Right hand on heart, left hand on sunlight based plexus

Right hand on heart, left hand on sacral chakra

Right hand on heart, left hand above root chakra

This finishes the association of the heart to the next six chakras, retaining vitality from every one of them. While associating chakras, consider the accompanying ramifications. For instance, while interfacing your patient’s heart chakra to different chakras, inquiries, for example, these can control your helpful correspondence:

What might you want to express (chakra 5) about your feelings (chakra 4)?

How would you feel (chakra 4) about your inventive expression (chakra 5)?


How would you feel (chakra 4) about your activities (chakra 3)?

What move would you be able to make (chakra 3) to address your emotions (chakra 4)?


Interfacing the chakras can be an effective approach to round out your character. In the wake of looking into the attributes of each of the chakras, you will have your very own superior thought qualities and shortcomings. In the event that you find, for instance, that your sun powered plexus is super-charged as prove by high self-assurance and an exceptionally determined identity, this proposes an abundance of vitality in your third chakra.

On the off chance that in the meantime you find that you have blisters or tumors in your conceptive framework, this proposes a feeble or shut second chakra. By breaking down your own qualities and physical indications, figure out which chakras are most needing mending and association.

Chakra Spread

This system is utilized for serious enthusiastic or physical torment. It conveys a man to a more profound level of recuperating than most different methods. It ought to be saved for exceptional needs and consecrated minutes in mending. Request that your patient sit in a seat while you are remaining before them. Start by establishing yourself well, rationally steady and physically very much associated with the earth. Place your hands on your patient’s feet for maybe a couple minutes to make sure they are all around grounded. At that point hold your patient’s hands in yours for maybe a couple minutes to open their palm chakras. Stroll behind your patient and spot both hands on their crown chakra. Open their crown chakra by tenderly and gradually lifting both of your hands up and out similarly as you can achieve, similar to the wings of a falcon. Play out this development three times. On the off chance that different chakras need opening, spread them in the same way. Complete the mending procedure by shutting their atmosphere as depicted in a before article (shutting the quality).

These articles have exhibited numerous ideas concerning each of the chakras, however this doesn’t imply that you should remember and know everything about each chakra amid each recuperating. The best approach to approach this data is to survey it every once in a while, yet make sure not to over intellectualize amid your healings. Place your hands on each chakra and let the vitality stream. On the off chance that ideas or pictures ring a bell, this demonstrates your instinct is attempting to advise you how to continue. On the off chance that your psyche is peaceful and still, that is incredible! As my Reiki Master Danielle dependably reminds her understudies, discharge all desires amid every mending. Simply let the vitality stream. Whenever fundamental, this specialized data on each of the chakras is constantly accessible for further reference.